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The Living House

November 25 - April 30

Go behind the walls of your home with The Living House. Explore principles of construction, architecture, and engineering. Discover the systems that bring a house to life from water to electricity with hands-on displays.

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Tinkering: Bring Out Your Inner Engineer

June 18 - May 17, 2017

Bring out your inner engineer at miSci's latest exhibit from the San Francisco Exploratorium. With the right materials in the right environment, anything can happen.

 Presented through the generosity of:

Neil & Jane Golub


Discover Butterflies!

Opening February 18th

Butterflies are back at miSci! Escape winter’s chill and discover brilliantly colored native butterflies at miSci’s indoor butterfly house. Watch Butterflies at every stage of life - from egg to the Chrysalis chamber to adulthood. Learn about different species of butterflies from the area, what butterflies eat, and how scientists use butterflies as examples for new technology.

Free with admission; miSci members free  

Design, Build, Create, KEVA!

Design a skyscraper, suspension bridge or your own structure. Build it using principles of balance, cantilevers, geometric shapes, optimum proportion, stability and more. Create masterpieces with the simplicity of KEVA planks – thousands of identical, precision-cut smooth wooden blocks – all ¼ inch thick, ¾ inch long and 4 ½ inches wide. Discover hands-on fun in this new exhibit! Design, Build, Create, KEVA! is an Educational Gift from Jane and Neil Golub & Friends, September 2015.

Play Space

Now Open!

Discover hands-on fun science toys you don't have at home! Discover weight, measurement, sorting, and fun as you play in a kid-sized market! We've moved the water table inside for the winter, where you can explore how moving gates from one position to another position affects the flow of a waterway in this instant action-reaction experience. 

Wind & Solar Power Interactives

Explore the importance of renewable energy, and how advances in wind and solar power may hold the key to reducing our dependence on fossil fuel consumption. Explore wind and solar power as you experiment with interactives! Discover what groundbreaking wind and solar power research is being conducted right here in the Capital Region!

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AWS Truewind, LLC
MSE Power Systems, Inc.
Niskayuna Community Foundation
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Empire Solar Store
GE Creative Services

MRI: Examining the Human Body

Now Open

Explore the science behind a landmark medical imaging system developed right here in the Capital Region. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) has transformed health care and revolutionized the methods doctors use to diagnose patients. Get inside a real MRI machine! See images of insides on the outside! Discover how MRI technology is shaping the future!

Fueling the Future

Worldwide, the number of automobiles continues to increase. How will we fuel them? Explore opportunities and challenges of different fuels, including gasoline, ethanol, hydrogen, biodiesel, electricity, and yes, even horsepower!

See how different fuels affect the economy and the environment, with interactives, images, video, and artifacts from our collection, including a one-of-a-kind prototype electric car developed by GE in 1978. 
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