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Model Trains @ 12pm - 3pm
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The model trains are back at miSci this season! See a 19 x 27-foot display of running O Gauge (Lionel) Model trains. Special thanks to the Upstate Train Associates for generously donating their model trains and their time. Don’t miss this holiday favorite! 

FREE with admission

Science Discovery Demos: Optical Illusions @ 12:30pm - 1pm
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See images that play tricks on your eyes and then discover the science behind what is happening with your brain and your eyes at this educator-led science demo.

Free with admission

Investigate: Nanotechnology @ 2:30pm - 3:30pm
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Explore nanotechnology, an area of science so small you can’t see it, at this fun science demo.

FREE with admission
Science Zone: Stereo Hanger @ 1pm - 2:30pm
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Sound travels – not just through air – but through liquids and solids, too. Find out how hangers can chime like bells at this educator-led activity in miSci’s Science Zone.

Free with admission

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