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STEP ???: Soft White Bulbs
[Bulb is smooth and is a Deluxe White or Soft-White light bulb]

Select the option most resembling your bulb from the drop-down menu to proceed to the next step. Please consult "option descriptions" for detailed info.

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FULL OPTION DESCRIPTIONS / IMAGE GLOSSARY: [Option titles are also linked to proceed to the next step.]

OPTION A: 570a - (Figure 211 – Photo not yet available.)  “Bulb is smooth and is a Deluxe White or Soft-White light bulb. Top of bulb may have lamp marked as “Soft White,” “Deluxe White,” or simply “White” along with the wattage rating. Soft White bubs were introduced in 1949 and manufactured from there-on.  Bulb could have a single-coiled filament or a double-coiled filament, or two of either of these filaments depending on the wattage(s) of the light bulb.  (NOTE: To see the filament, shine a flashlight through the bulb from the back and look for the shadow of the filament.)  Bulb should have the GE monogram, wattage and/or voltage etched on top of bulb.”  (Go to A39 –Figure 211 - No photo yet available.).  END.

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