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STEP ???: White Mazda Lamps
[Bulb is smooth and has a milky white surface]

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OPTION A: 560a - (Figure 217 – No Photo avialble)  “This is a White Mazda Lamp with an enamel coating, introduced in 1920.  Like frosted light bubs, this bulb was designed to reduce the glare (given off by clear light bulbs) but unfortunately absorbed more light than did the outside frosted bulbs.  This lamp could come with a short single-coiled filament (Figure 6 - A43) (about one inch long) metallic in appearance, in which case it would be manufactured from 1920 to 1925, when they were replaced by inside frosted lamps. Bulb should have the MAZDA trademark and the GE monogram on label or sticker (A44a) affixed to outside surface of bulb or to stem tube inside bulb.”  (Go to A38.1 - Figure 217.)

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