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Edison Machine Works

Thomas Edison formed individual companies to handle the manufacturing of the different components of his electrical system.  The Edison Machine Works was formed to produce dynamos, the Edison Lamp Works was created to produce lamps, the Edison Tube Company manufactured the underground storage pipes, and Bergmann and Co. provided lighting fixtures and small electrical components.

The Edison Machine Works was organized in 1880 and was located on Goerck Street in Manhattan.  One of the first large jobs for the Machine Works was the construction of the jumbo dynamos for the Pearl Street Station.  Edison’s business grew, but it became difficult for him to expand at the Goerck St. location due to high labor costs and the high cost of land for expansion.  In May 1886 Edison and his team searched for new locations for his Machine Works, including a site in Brooklyn, before settling on a site in Schenectady, NY.  The Edison Machine Works continued as an individual corporate entity until 1889, when it was merged with Edison’s other electrical companies to form Edison General Electric.


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