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Arthur Bueche Speeches,



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Finding Aid Compiled by

Joshua Hauck-Whealton

June 2010


Schenectady Museum Archives

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Creation of this finding aid was supported by a grant from the Center for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics





Biographical Note


Arthur Maynard Bueche (1920-1981) received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Cornell University in 1947.  He joined the Chemical Research Division of the GE Research Laboratory in 1950, where he helped with GE’s early polymer research.  He was elevated to the head of the Chemical Research division in 1960, and overall head of the Research Laboratory in 1965.


Shortly thereafter, the Research Laboratory and the Advanced Technology Laboratories were merged into the R&D Center, with Bueche again at the head.  In 1978, Bueche was promoted to senior vice president of corporate technology.


Bueche believed part of his responsibility as a corporate officer was to act as a spokesman for technology.  As a result, he was in demand as a speaker on issues of technological development, R&D policy and energy policy.  His focus was generally on what he called the “R&D Triangle,” the interaction of academia, government and business that fueled most of America’s research.


Scope and Content


The collection consists of materials related to individual speaking engagements for Arthur Bueche.  These folders were created and maintained by Bueche’s secretary.  Each engagement received its own folder, usually containing a draft of the speech as well as related correspondence, notes and the reports from background research. The collection is organized chronologically.



Box and Folder List


Box #1



  1. Saul Dushman Memorial Presentation, 6/9/77
  2. “The Hard Truth about Our Energy Future,” Elfun Society, Shenandoah Chapter, 4/13/78
  3. “The Hard Truth about Our Energy Future,” Elfun Society, NYC Chapter, 4/19/78
  4. Introduction of Charles E. Reed, 5/2/78
  5. “The Marketing / Research Interface”, Monsanto Company, 5/3/78
  6. Comment on Solar Energy for Schenectady GE Worker’s News, 5/8/78
  7. “The Hard Truth about Our Energy Future,” Elfun Society, Albuquerque Chapter, 5/10/78
  8. Introduction of Dr. Francis Crick, SUNY Albany, 5/19/78
  9. Coolidge Fellowship Presentation, 6/2/78
  10. Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI) - Italy Visit, 6/5/78
  11. GE Corporate R&D Centennial Kickoff Party, 6/13/78
  12. “The Impact of R&D on the Competitive Position of US Industry in International Trade,” AAAS Colloquium on R&D Policy, 6/20/78
  13. CRD CEO/Corporate Policy Boards, 7/17/78
  14. Professor’s Conference on Electronics and Computer Technology, 7/24/78
  15. International Symposium on Science, Invention and Social Change, Introduction of Dr. C. Guy Suits, Announcements, 9/19/78
  16. International Symposium on Science, Invention and Social Change, Welcome Speech, Introduction of Dr. Isaac Asimov, Announcements, 9/20/78
  17. International Symposium on Science, Invention and Social Change, Openings Speech, Comments, 9/21/78
  18. International Symposium on Science, Invention and Social Change, Symposium Materials, 1978
  19. “Incentives for Investment in Innovation,” Utility Technical Executives’ Conference, 10/3/78
  20. Southeastern Regional Sales Meeting, October 1978
  21. Presentation to Board of Directors, 10/4/78
  22. “Report on the Corporate Technology Study,” Modern Engineering Course, 10/26/78
  23. “Making Innovation Worthwhile,” American Society for Metals, 11/8/78
  24. “Industriy’s Expectations for Graduating Engineers and Scientists,” Association of Independent Engineering Colleges, R.P.I., 11/10/78
  25. Report of CAD/CAM,” Taping Session, 12/16/78
  26. “Technical Resources Plan,” 1979 General Management Conference, Belleair, 1/3/79
  27. Federal Science and Technology Congressional Subcommittee Meeting, Library of congress, 2/23/79
  28. “General Electric’s R&D,” European Investor’s Meeting, Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands, 3/21/79
  29. “Interactions of Science and Technology Policy with the Economy,” International Conference on Science and Technology Policy, 3/28/79
  30. “The State of General Electric Technology,” Conference on Technical Management, 4/3/79
  31. Hearing on Federal R&D Budget, House Committee on Science & Technology, April 9th, 1979
  32. Meeting of Board of Directors, Operations Committee, 4/27/79
  33. “Identifying Policies to Encourage Technological Innovation,” National Planning Association, Committee on Changing International Realities, 4/28/79
  34. America in an Era of Plentiful Although Higher Priced Energy Conference, University of Southern California, Speech, 5/9/2979
  35. America in an Era of Plentiful Although Higher Priced Energy Conference, University of Southern California, Source Material, Correspondence, 5/9/2979
  36. “Principles, Perceptions and Projections,” Industrial Research Institute Honor Lecture, 5/21/1979
  37. “The Challenge of R&D Leadership,” American Marketing Association, 6/5/79
  38. Honorary Degree Reception, Polytechnic Institute of New York, 6/7/79


Box #2



  1.  “The Hard Truth About our Energy Future,” Western Conference of Public Service Commissions, 6/11/79
  2. “Confidence in Technology,” Conference on Improving Career Development for Engineering, General Electric Management Development Center, 7/3/79
  3. “Getting It All Together,” National Elfun Meeting, Sept. 10, 1979
  4. “Confidence in Technology,” Society of Research Administrators, 9/18/79
  5. Presentation on Energy, GE Corporate Officer’s Meeting, 9/29/79
  6. Steinmetz Awards Presentation, 10/17/79
  7. Introduction of Congressman John Wydler, American Institute of Physics Dinner, 10/18/79
  8. Introduction to National Science Foundation Roundtable, 10/30/79
  9. “The Hard Truth About Our Energy Future,” Duke University Roundtable on Science & Public Affairs, 10/31/79
  10. “A New Look at an Old Chinese Proverb,” Scoping Workshop, 11/4/79
  11. “The View of Business and Industry,” Franklin Institute Conference, 11/29/79
  12. Introduction to Colloquium on Industrial Innovation and Public Policy Options, National Academy f Engineering, Dec 5, 1979
  13. “Research Needs of the Future – The Role of Industry and Education,” Clarkson College Roundtable, 1/22/80
  14. “Technology, Innovation and Productivity,” Colloquium for Inauguration of the Materials Processing Center, MIT, 2/1/80
  15. “Technology: A Corporate View,” Phoenix Area Council and Elfun Breakfast Meeting, 2/14/80
  16. Customer Meeting, Arizona Public Service Co., 2/14/80
  17. Electric League of Arizona Banquet. 2/14/90
  18. “A Trustee Talks with the Faculty,” American Association of University Professors, 3/5/80
  19. “A Challenge of R&D Leadership,” Market High Technology Conference, American Marketing Association, 4/1/80
  20. “Innovation: Issue or Answer?” Center for Interdisciplinary Study of Science & Technology, 4/8/80
  21. “Innovation: Issue or Answer?” Illinois Institute of Technology, 4/8/80
  22. General Motors / General Electric Management Meeting, 4/9/80
  23. “Technology and Change,” Industrial Management Club, 4/10/80
  24. “The Horizon Beyond the Horizon,” Engineering Managers Conference, 4/15/80
  25. “The Hard Truth about our Energy Future,” IEEE Conference on US Technological Policy, 4/28/80
  26. “The Hard Truth about our Energy Future,” Elfun Society, Gulf Coast Chapter, 5/5/80
  27. Gold Medal Reception, American Institute of Chemists, 5/10/80
  28. GDSAM Symposium, 5/21/80
  29. “Platform Planks for a First-Class Future,” Edison Engineering Program Graduation Ceremony, 5/30/80
  30. “Reaffirmation of Some Basic Beliefs about General Electric Technology,” Engineered Materials Group Technical Conference, 6/2/80
  31. “Introductory Remarks as Chairman of Session II on Engineering Plastics,” National Symposium on Polymers in the Service of Man, 6/9/80
  32. “Reaffirmation of Some Basic Beliefs about General Electric Technology,” Power Systems Sector, 1980 Technology Workshop, 6/11/80
  33. “Expand Use of Electricity as a Substitute for Liquid Fuels,” Colloquium on Planning for an Energy Emergency, 6/18/90
  34. “GE’s Technical Work Environment,” Professor’s Conference, 6/19/80



Box #3



  1. “Reaffirmation of Some Basic Principles,” College Placement Officer’s Conference, 7/2/80
  2. “Reaffirmation of Some Basic Beliefs, Personal Contribution to Business Results Program, 7/21/80
  3. “Materials and Energy,” American Society of Mechanical Engineers Centinnial, 8/12/80
  4. “Energy Conservation and Efficiency and Interfuel Substitution,” EPRI Summer Seminar, 8/13/80
  5. Silver Anniversary of Man-Made Diamonds, 9/15/80
  6. “Technical Leadership,” Doctoral Recruiting and Information Meeting, 9/26/80
  7. “Materials and Energy,” 1980 Modern Engineering Course, 10/5/80
  8.  “Materials and Energy,” MPC Board of Directors, 10/9/80
  9. “The Hard Truth about our Energy Future,” Directors of Industrial Research, 10/17/80
  10. “A ‘State of Electronics’ Message,” Solid State Applications Operation Seminar, 11/10/80
  11. “A Basis for Optimism and a Quest for Quality,” Elfun Society Detroit Chapter, 3/30/81
  12. “A Basis for Optimism,” Engineering Society of Detroit, 3/31/81
  13. “A Basis for Optimism,” Research Directors’ Association of Chicago, 4/6/81
  14. “Sources of Quality,” Alger Award Dinner, 4/28/81
  15. “A Basis for Optimism,” Capital District “50 Group”, 5/4/81
  16. GOSAM May Symposium, Solid-State Electronics Conference, 5/20/81
  17. Southern Fairfield County School Superintendents Association, 5/29/81
  18. Keynote Speech, Conference on Technical Management, 6/1/81
  19. Conference on the Impact of Macroelectronics, 6-7/81
  20. “Some Personal Opinions on Energy Policy,” Article for Power Engineering Review, 7/81
  21. 1981 Corporate Challenge – Technology, “Personal Contribution to Business Results” Seminar, 7/27/81
  22. Statement Before US House of Representatives, 7/29/81
  23. “Technical and Scientific Professional Activities Project,” Report, 7/31/81
  24. “Technology, Quality and Entrepreneurship,” General Electric Materials Characterization Symposium, 9/17/81
  25. Welcoming Remarks, Meeting of Board of Directors, 9/22/81
  26. “Introduction to Discussion,” Modern Engineering Course, 10/8/81
  27. “Lessons Learned from the CT Experience,” CT Recognition Luncheon, 10/9/81
  28. American Institute of Physics, Meeting of Corporate Associates, 10/16/81
  29. Dedication Ceremony, National Research and Resource Facility for Submicron Structures. Cornell. 10/16/81
  30.  Steinmetz Award Presentation, 10/19/81
  31. Medal Day Awards, The Franklin Institute, 10/21/81
  32. Tribute to Dr. Arthur M. Bueche, Polytechnic Institute of New York, 11/10/81
  33. Honorary Degrees, Correspondence, Notes, undated